Friday, July 25, 2008

Responding to email

I have a lot of email to answer after all of this hoo-hah, so I thought I would use some of my return emails to make up today's blog post. Kill two birds with one keyboard, so to speak.

With no further ado:

1. Yes, we have a wholesale program. I'll send you the information ASAP.

2. Yes, I have "pondered about creating scented oils with the smell of the various types of cannabis plants?". You seem to have A LARGE AMOUNT of experience with the topic, so if you come up with a scent we can use let me know. I did enjoy your long, rambling email, though, it was great.

3. The smalls are four ounces, the mediums are eight ounces, and the larges are 16 ounces. Save money, buy a large. Real men know that bigger is better.

4. Yes, I'm working on a bacon scent. It's not easy, and I'm not settling for a crappy imitation scent and selling that, because bacon is too good to shortchange like that. Bacon deserves better.

5. Hmmmm... You want candles that smell like a feed store. I guess I'll have to go into a feed store and see what that smells like.

6. Visa and Mastercard are coming soon, probably within a week. We weren't ready for everything to hit all at once, but we're working our butts off to get everything as perfect as humanly possible.

7. I know how you feel, and you said it well. I feel like beating my chest and asserting my male dominance right now, too. Thanks for the email, buddy.

8. A customer finished her email with "I am sure you have to go saw something down before you go fishing and then to the rifle range." How did you know my schedule for today? Are you stalking me?

9. Yes, we're making sample packs as we speak. Give us a couple of days.

10. Hmmmm... Candles that smell like exotic dancers? I bet I could find a few guys to research that!


Anonymous said...

How about "Lumber"? There's not much better than the smell of freshly sawn lumber to let you know you're a man, who builds manly things with his own two hands (well, and power tools.)

Lani said...

This is great! My son (4yrs old) loves candles. He has collected them since he was 18 months old. He loves to check out the smell of things. We were getting worried about his manliness, until we saw these candles! Now he can be a manly candle collector and we can stop feeding him gunpowder to keep him tough (just kidding don't call the child services office). We will be ordering them for him.