Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Now I'm a TV star

It finally happened. I'm a superstar. Well, I will be later today.

Today a film crew from KRTV came out and interviewed me and the Manly Man team for a FEATURE STORY on tonight's news. I've got to tell you, I was nervous at first. Not nervous to be interviewed, but nervous for the fame and power that is inevitably going to come my way after the world finds out about the glory of Manly Candles.

I am TOTALLY going to let this go to my head. I'm going to ask people if they want my autograph. I'm going to get a t-shirt that says "As Seen On TV". I'm going to start every sentence with "Well, when I was being interviewed for the news...". And that's going to be before I order at a restaurant.

I think I'm going to start talking in the third person, too. "Brent is pleased with tonight's dinner", "Brent is tired of signing autographs", "Brent wants you to bathe her and bring her to me", and so forth.

Lastly, Brent wants you to watch the news tonight. Brent will be on at 5:30 on KRTV. Brent also wants you to buy a candle.

Brent thanks you.


david said...

David is pleased that you will be even more famous than you already are.

David is excited for your enterprise.

David can't wait to one day tell people that David knew you before you overtook Warren Buffet on the Forbes list.

Linda said...

Well, Linda is not a Man, but she sometimes wishes she was...(long hiking trips would be one those times).
Linda said she enjoyed reading your blog.
I also know that Linda is a candle freak, and caught her going into your web site.
Linda knows how famous Brent is, and secretly hopes to one day get an autograph!
This is the first time I ever seen Manly Candles...Great idea!
Good Luck with your Candle Company!

Emily said...

Emily is also not a man, but totally loves your idea!! Emily's man is definately a manly mountain man from Montana, and will enjoy the scents. Can't wait to load up on them for Christmas!!

Anonymous said...

I just saw an ad for your candles on an Oregon News Station site. I'm a transplant from Oregon, and now live in this beautiful state of Montana. Would love to try some of your candles.

The Manly Man said...

Brent is please by David's email, and Brent is secretly excited to give Linda an autograph. Brent loves that Emily totally loves his idea. Brent welcomes anonymous to the state.

Brent is really enjoying speaking in the third person. Brent feels that it suits him now.