Monday, July 14, 2008

My Southern to English Dictionary

Marrying a Southern girl is a wonderful thing. They are smart, funny, beautiful and loyal, and I like to think that I got the best of the bunch.

A lot of people will tell you that the Southern accent is the sexiest accent ever, and while I can't really disagree with that, it does come with drawbacks. First off, it takes a few days (or months or years, depending on your level of commitment) to really understand the nuances of the accent.

It actually took about three minutes for me to understand what my wife's name was the first time we met. No, I'm not kidding.

I don't want you to have the same problems when you talk to a Southern girl (or guy). I now present a quiz- Match the Southern saying with the English meaning and win!

Southern Sayings

_____ 1. Goin' 90 tuh nothin'

_____ 2. Comin' uh flood

_____ 3. Covered over

_____ 4. Keepin' the roads hot

_____ 5. Lost as uh goose

_____ 6. Fixin' to

_____ 7. Reckon

_____ 8. Bawlin' uh tire

_____ 9. Smells loud

_____ 10. Got a wang to it

English Meaning

A. Raining really hard

B. Tastes unusual

C. I suppose it could happen

D. I am preparing to do something

E. Spinning an automobile's wheels

F. Always moving; never sitting still

G. Doing something at a breakneck pace

H. Doesn't have any idea of their current location

I. Large amount of people at one location

J. Is wearing a large quantity of perfume or cologne

Answers tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

stop making fun of your southern wife. she toks purdy...

dark1 said...

I do like the accent. I really like the vocabulary! I've added phrase after phrase to my collection I keep in the back of my head. I think there was only one from your quiz that i didn't really understand, so i reckon i'll have to get some clarification 'cause i'm lost as a goose right now. ;)

Anonymous said...

This aint no junk, but I was about 15 before I discovered yankees had an accent and not a speech impediment. I'm from NC.