Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Great email this morning

I was walking my beautiful wife out the door this morning when she stopped to read an email from her momma. Remember, her whole family is southern, so she uses nouns like momma, daddy, mamaw, papaw and granny. It seems that her granny, who goes out and plays bingo just about every night, had car trouble on her way to the game last night. The motor just died, leaving her stranded along the road.

The police came to rescue her, and she ended up telling them to "call my grandson and have him get the car, and take me to bingo."

That's a tricky sentence, so let me clarify. She had her grandson come get her dead car while the officer drove her (in the police car, no less) the rest of the way to bingo. That is six shades of awesome.

Southern girls, man. They know what they want, and they get it.

No word on if she won at bingo.

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