Thursday, July 24, 2008

Am I famous yet? No.

I know, I know, I wasn't on.

You're disappointed. More importantly, I'm disappointed.

I guess we got bumped to the next day's news. Tune in today, unless something else more important than telling the entire world about the world's greatest company happens. A few things more important than my story:

1. Baby ducks cross the road, delay traffic for over 45 seconds

2. State Fair food: Too greasy, or not greasy enough?

3. Water falls from sky, landowner's property gets wet

4. Montana has a 400 million dollar budget surplus, governor credits Quick Cash loan

Anyway, let's all tune in today at 5:30 and 10:00. Unless something else comes up. Please, people, don't make any news today!


Blanca said... said...

i like......

Anonymous said...

Will being on CNN make up for your trauma? Check out Headline News. You're all over Morning Express with Robin Meade.