Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Manly Man Candle Company is looking for a new logo to last us through the next year, and guess who could design it? That's right, YOU!!!

Here's what we're looking for:

1. Your picture must positively drip with manliness. If your logo or drawing is so manly that my computer grows hair when the image comes up you're in the running.

2. It should not be pornographic. Remember, I'm married to a Southern girl.

3. No rules on materials or style. You want to do it in crayon? Great. You want to use Illustrator? Great. You want to use your own blood? Okay, that's weird, but who am I to stifle your creativity?

That's it. I'm giving you guys free reign on this, so don't let me down. The winner will be chosen by me, and I'll give you full credit both on this blog and a special page on the www.manlymancandlecompany.com website that sings your praises.

You can't buy advertising like that!

Anyway, that's the deal. Go for it, and don't let me down!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Manly Man Race Team

Here's some Manly Man Candle Company trivia- We actually sponsored a race team in the Dakar Rally! If you look really, really closely on the front fender of the bike in the picture you'll see a white round sticker on there that says "Manly Man Racing". There are a few more on the bike, but you can't see them in this picture, they were all worn off by the blowing sand about a week into the race. Oh well.

The Dakar Rally runs mostly through Northwestern Africa, and is the most famous race of its type in the world. The guy we sponsored actually finished the race, which is a pretty major accomplishment. Another interesting note- The race was canceled this year because of terrorist threats.

Just thought that was cool. We're looking to do more sponsorships in the future, so if you see a NASCAR team that looks a little manlier than all the rest, it might be us.

But you'll have to smell them to be sure. They'll smell terrific. And manly, which goes without saying.

Friday, August 22, 2008

A quick history of MMCC

I get a few questions I get all the time- How did you get started? How did you become the massive corporate giant that you are? How did you become the human embodiment of twisted steel and sex appeal?

Well, it all started in the seventies. When a man and woman love each other, very, very much, like my parents did, they... Wait. I might be going back a little too far. Let's just talk about the history of Manly Man Candle Company.

A few years ago, in late 2005, I was living in Las Vegas and working for a company that wrote credit card processing software. It was basically a "sausage-fest" as they say in nerd lingo, an almost all male environment. We would do things that men in groups will often do, such as:

1. Play fantasy football

2. Change co-workers computer wallpapers to wildly inappropriate images

3. Engage in horseplay that was very much against the company handbook

4. Have push-up contests

5. Talk about how much we hated our jobs

It's the last one that's important to this story. My best buddy at the company, Brett, and I would often go have lunch together and discuss all things manly. On bad days we would spend most of the time thinking about ways we could start our own business and get the heck out of there. Most of our ideas were complete and utter crap, just dumb ideas to make each other laugh, like NASCAR coffins. Which, now that I think about it, is still a good idea. Feel free to use it.

One day, though, lightning struck. Brett walked into my office and asked if I wanted to take a smoke break. Neither of us smoked, so this was code for "I need to speak to you outside". This usually occurred when one of us was about to go postal, so we headed out the door. He told me the idea.

"You know what you never see? A candle that's not girly. They all smell like flowers or babies or sunshine or crap like that. We should make candles that are scented just for men. We'll call them Man-dles."

I said, "Brett, I don't know if that's the best idea in the world or the absolute worst, but either way, we're doing it."

So we started. We registered www.candles4men.com, which has now expired, researched how to make candles, ordered supplies and started experimenting. After much trial and error we had a few scents perfected, which we took to work and had all of our buddies smell and offer their opinions. We put those five scents on the web store, and the orders just started pouring in. Okay, we sold about three the first year. But that's a story for another post.

Tomorrow's story- Why we're not called Mandles anymore!

Wow, a cliffhanger!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Manly Man of the Week

Some are born to greatness, others have greatness thrust upon them. I'm a little of both. Sure, I try to lay low and just live a normal life, but the paparazzi keep following me. They're hiding in a wheat field across the gravel road from me right now, trying to snap a picture of me in a compromising position. Sure, my psychiatrist tells me that they're not there, and that they've never been there, but I'm pretty sure he's working for them. They're all out to get me.

But let's put my psychosis behind us for a minute. Yesterday was my daughter's first day of high school. I know what you're thinking- How could someone so young, powerful, sexy, and manly have a daughter old enough to be in high school? I got an early start- I was only 14 when she was born.

Yeah, that's it. 14.

Anyway, she came home last night and started telling us about her day, and guess what? After running a campaign of literally MINUTES she's now the freshman class president. I'm pretty sure she ran a campaign based on change, relaxed dress codes, and a Manly Man candle in every classroom.

Here's to you, my little dictator. You're the Manly Man of the Week.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

One hundred posts

I know what you're thinking. "Nice to see you again. Finally decided to post something again, huh, Captain Keyboard? You're so lazy it makes my kidneys hurt."

I haven't been lazy, I wanted to leave the last post up for a while so more people would read it. No, really. Okay, I've been lazy.

Seriously, though, we just passed a milestone, people. One hundred posts have come and gone, and I'm sure that you've read each and every one of them. Repeatedly. Right? No? Well, that's okay, I've barely read some of them myself.

I just want you all to know that I'm totally amazed that it's lasted this long, since I have a tendency to get bored quickly. Once again I amaze myself! I'm my own biggest fan!

Friday, August 15, 2008

I'll never whine again

I need to be serious for a moment here.

I'm not just a master candle artisan, I also work full time in the service department of a motorcycle shop. Very manly. I smell gas fumes and listen to classic rock blasting through an 80s boombox about 40 hours a week, and I love it. It definitely keeps me in touch with manly men.

Today I met a REAL man, and I'd like to tell you about it.

We did some repair work on a cool six wheel utility vehicle a couple of days ago- It's like a four wheeler but with two more wheels in the back. The unusual thing about it was that the thumb throttle was mounted upside down on the left hand side of the handlebars, instead of the right hand side where it usually is. I've seen this before- Sometimes people have hurt their right hands or even had strokes that limit their ability to use the throttle, and this trick is a clever adjustment that lets them keep riding and working.

When the man who owned the 6 x 6 came in I told him what we did to fix his rig, then he shakily signed his credit card slip with his left hand. I walked out to help him load it up on his trailer, and we got to talking. After some small talk while loading it up, I offered to help him down off of his trailer, and he told me his story as he took my hand to steady himself.

In 1967, he got shot in the left side of his head, just a bit above his eye, while serving in Vietnam. The medics got to him right away, but they thought he was a dead man. He wasn't. He stayed alive to the hospital, where he was operated on. He lived, but barely. His parents were called, and told that their son probably wouldn't live, but even if he did he would never walk again, talk again, or have kids.

He survived, but had to go through years of rehabilitation. He had to learn how to talk again. He had to learn how to walk again. Strangely, even though he had been a speed reader before he got shot, he was never able to read well again. Some things came back all the way, while others, like perfect speech and full muscle control for the right side of his body, never did.

It's been over 40 years since the bullet took the life he knew. For the last 40 years he's been building a new life, and a damn good one. The doctors said he'd never have kids- He's had five, and is now a grandpa. He not only walks and talks, he's built his own successful transportation company, and you might have seen his trucks on these local roads if you live nearby.

As he was telling me about his life I noticed that not once did I detect the slightest bit of self pity or sadness in him. To be honest, there wasn't much of any emotion in his voice or face, just the sense that he thought this was a pretty good story that he was glad to be sharing. We finished talking after a bit, and he shook my right hand with his left and got in his big Dodge Ram truck and drove away.

For some reason, I felt like crying after he drove away. I knew that I was in the presence of a real man, and I was better and stronger for having talked to him. I also felt guilty for some of the emotions I've been feeling for a while now (not recently, mind you, my life is incredible now, for many reasons). I told my wife this story as soon as I saw her today, and I told her that if I ever start complaining about things to remind me of today.

A typical ending to this would be a "moral to the story"; a way to sum it all up with a lesson for all of humanity to follow to become better people, but I don't think it's that simple. If you read this you'll take something away from it, but what you get is up to you. Some will see a story of triumph and be inspired. Some will see a story of loss and struggle and be saddened. And some will read this and be mad that I didn't write something funny today, and take nothing away, and that's okay too.

So I'm going to sum it all up with this: Today I met a real man, and had a great day. Thanks for reading.

No more samples!

You might have noticed that something is missing from the Manly Man Candle Company website. More likely, though, you haven't, which is fine too.

I've taken the sample packs off the store. That's right, they're no longer for sale, which means that if you got one you now have a collector's item! Put it on eBay, make big money!

Why, you ask? One reason, really. Making a sample pack sucks. It takes a long, long time, and is really tedious and boring, much like dates with a girl I used to know.

But that's another story.

I just saw Weird Al

Before you even get started, yes, I got more candle supplies, and yes, I'm getting to work.

However, all work and no play makes Brent a dull boy, so a couple of nights ago I took the family to see an 80's icon live in concert, Weird Al Yankovic. How was it, you sit there, not asking yourself? PHENOMENAL.

Okay, want to hear something strange? I just had to spell check "phenomenal", and one of the suggestions was "PHENOM ANAL". What the heck is that? Oh, and if you comment on this, please keep it clean. Blaine, I'm talking to you.

Anyway, back to Weird Al. He was great. He did all of his classics, including:

1. Amish Paradise

2. Gump

3. White and Nerdy

4. Canadian Idiot

5. Smells Like Nirvana

6. Pretty Fly for a Rabbi

7. Fat

8. Many, many more!

He changed costumes between almost every song, danced like a superstar, and thrust his hips into several unsuspecting older women, which was hysterical. My daughter says that it was the best concert she's ever been to.

The moral to the story is this: If you get a chance to see Weird Al, do it, man, do it. The crowd was great, too, everyone was in a great mood and laughing and screaming the whole time. The craziest thing was the diversity of the crowd- Weird Al has fans that are 80 and fans that are eight, and they were all singing along. Too cool.

Monday, August 11, 2008

My basement is a mess

You probably know that every Manly Man candle is made with a secret combination of wax, scents, and machismo, but did you know that they're all handmade by a covert crew of extra hairy oompa-loompas?

Oh, and if I spelled oompa-loompas wrong, chalk it up to the fact that I have a life.

Anyway, these oompa-loompas have been so busy lately that they've been neglecting their cleaning duties. I had to spend a couple of hours cleaning up the factory floor last night. It's spotless again, but you can't believe the mess. Shipping labels everywhere, wax everywhere, boxes and packing peanuts strewn all over the floor... They even spilled their oompa-loompa food and water bowls!

Needless to say, they received a stern talking too.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Finally catching up!

Now that I'm finally catching up with all of the orders from the last two weeks (only 100 behind!) it's time to start thinking about growing the business. And how do we grow the business? That's right, advertising.

Billboards. Newspapers. Radio. Television. Skywriting. Viral. I'm going to have it all.

I'm going to hit all the major markets, too. New York. Los Angeles. Miami. Great Falls. Power. Oh, and we're going global, too. Maybe even an ad in Alberta!

Anyway, I just wanted to give you all a heads up on this. Prepare for an onslaught of media saturation that will make any Budweiser ad campaign look like it's been done by first graders.

Of course, my ads will probably look like three year olds did them, but that's beside the point.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The tabs have landed

Okay gang, the tabs are finally in. We stayed up very very late last night making a very large amount of manly candles, and now we're getting ready to ship.

Thanks for your patience!

Friday, August 1, 2008

I have the coolest customers

As you know, I had to send out an email saying that some candle orders would be delayed because of massive overload. I expected to get flamed left and right for this- After all, people are having to wait for their MANLY CANDLES, and that's not cool. You know what is cool, though?

My customers. Here are a few of the responses I got:

"It’s cool man. That coffee candle is gonna be some fresh brew!
I appreciate that your doing everything Manly possible and thanks for letting me know.
You rock!"

"I have no problem waiting - I am just glad to hear that your sales took off with that national story. I hope you get some help in there so you are not working all night."

"It was very manly of you to let me know about the delay. There is no rush and I appreciate the discount coupon for my next order. These candles are for my manly brother's birthday in September so there is plenty of time. "

"Thanks Brent. I really appreciate being notified about the situation. That's a great way to do business, by keeping the customer informed. Don't worry, we won't hold it against you in any way. And congratulations on being overwhelmed!"

I could go on and on. I can't tell you how much I appreciate everyone being cool and hanging in there.

Stay manly, and happy Friday, everyone!