Thursday, July 10, 2008

Hardware store quotes

Yesterday I went to the hardware store (twice) with my dad. He was picking up some shingles and other manly items (nails, tar paper, beer, girlie magazines, cigarettes, tanks, rifles and monster trucks) when we came up to this silicone glue stuff. I had never heard of it before, so of course we needed it. As soon as we picked it up this other guy standing next to us says the best quote in the entire world, and I want everyone reading this to share it and spread it around the world.

"That stuff sticks like a hobo on a ham sandwich!"

Sweet jumping Jesus on a pogo stick, I just about spit out my gum. I knew the silicone glue would be good, of course, but could it possibly really be "hobo on a ham sandwich" good?

Needless to say, tests will be done. I doubt this new glue will replace duct tape as the manliest repair item, but I'll let you know.


Anonymous said...

I can belive your dad picked up the cigarettes, beer and girlie magazines but I don't think he really knows what the rest of that stuff is for...from someone who knows your dad. :)

The Manly Man said...

Well, we made a good show of it, anyway. If you know my dad you know that any problem can be fixed with baling wire and duct tape, so buying everything else really was overkill!