Tuesday, July 1, 2008


Once again, we're expanding the line. The company is growing faster than a well fed newborn baby, and it's time to unleash our newest creations.

Can you stand the suspense? I was planning on introducing them during a special three minute superbowl commercial that would also feature the Budweiser horses, the GoDaddy girls, and some kind of Diet Coke ad, but instead I'm going to save $10 million bucks and just tell you guys about them on this blog.

First up: Sports Injury. This is the one for all of you weekend warriors, much like myself. We spend all week behind a desk, then we go out and try to be Peyton Manning or Derek Jeter on the weekends. This leads to sore muscles and pulled groins, and not in the good way, either. When this happens we have to put a cream on our muscles that feels kind of icy, then hot, if you get my reference. If you're a lawyer, please don't get that reference. So, to sum up, Sports Injury is a pepperminty, clean, crisp scent that will fill your house with the scent of awesome.

Secondly: Dad's Gum. Can also be shortened to "Dadgum", if you're from the south. This candle is a tribute to my dad, how almost always has a pack of spearmint gum in his shirt pocket. We took a couple of prototype Dad's Gum candles to the farmer's market and the response was overwhelming. It's a strong spearmint scent that you just can't resist.

These will be up and live on the website in about a week. You'll love them.

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