Sunday, April 6, 2008

Manly Man of the Week

The very first Manly Man of the Week award goes to the guy who built this beautiful machine. Let's examine the picture a bit, shall we?

The first thing everyone notices are the big tires. Sure, they're nice, go ahead and ogle them. I'm pretty sure that this guy just bolted the car body onto a truck frame, and trust me, that's awesome. In fact, I dare say that's MANLY. However, the devil's in the details.

Giant chrome bumper/grill guard? Check.

Humongous tube cargo rack on the roof? Check.

Bright yellow lettering on the side? Check.

American flag and POW/MIA flag? Check and Check.

Listen, I know that gas is about $3.30 a gallon here in Montana now. I also know that this thing probably gets about 2 miles a gallon (less with the cargo rack full). I also know that I want this thing so badly it hurts, and I also know that whoever created this fine piece of American iron is this week's MANLY MAN OF THE WEEK.

You're welcome.

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