Monday, April 21, 2008

Some songs on my iPod... Sigh...

Okay, I was just looking around my iTunes library. You would think that someone as manly as me would only have the manliest songs to listen to. Sadly, no. Over the past ten years I've collected an amazingly diverse pile of music, all legally acquired, of course. Here's a list of ten of the most embarrassing songs I have:

1. Wilson Phillips, You're In Love

2. William Hung, She Bangs (Remix)

3. Wham!, Credit Card Baby

4. Village People, All Of Their Stuff

5. Tatu, All The Things She Said

6. Tag Team, Whoop, There It Is

7. Selena, Bidi Bidi Bom Bom

8. Rick Dees, Disco Duck

9. Pinky And The Brain, Theme Song

10. Neil Diamond, Forever In Blue Jeans

You know what? I could have made this a top FIFTY list. Why don't I ever delete anything? A have a terabyte of disk space filled with crap. I have CD-ROMs from the early 90s that were designed for Mac OS 7.5... Can't throw those away! It's a sickness.

So tell me, what's your most embarrassing song? Did I mention that I have three Liberace songs?


dark1 said...

The most embarassing song in my collection...? Hmm... I would probably have to say "Blue Skies" by Irving Berlin. I use WMP and I've rated most of my music and made playlists so I only end up listening to the music that I like. I've got so much music on there that I probably forgot I have... Like you, I refuse to delete much, which is why my 160 GB of storage is filling up much faster than I anticipated.

The Manly Man said...

Hey dark1- That's really not embarrassing, and I just figured out why.

"Blue Skies" by Irving Berlin is actually the song that Data sings to Deanna and Wil Riker during their wedding celebration. It's cool, because Worf is hung over and says "Irving Berlin" in his hung over Klingon voice.

Oh, and I'm sure that you know that all took place in Star Trek: Nemesis.

Is it wrong for me to know that?

dark1 said...

No, it's not wrong for you to know that. I knew that. That's the reason I downloaded the song was to see what it was originally like. I wish I could find one sung by Brent Spiner, though... he does a much better version than she did. That scene in the movie was great...

Anonymous said...

I think you forgot Dancing Queen...LOL