Monday, April 14, 2008

Gas Prices

Everybody's complaining about this, so why not me. Living in Montana means that you're going to be driving a lot no matter what you want to do. I live 20 miles away from the nearest McDonald's for heaven's sake! That means that a five dollar value meal costs me five dollars plus the price of two gallons of gas.

Sure, I'm going broke, but my cholesterol is lower than it's been in YEARS!

Anyway, it just cost my wife over $50 to fill up her Saturn Vue. Good Lord. This means that it's time for me to start work on my new alternative fuel car. I've been designing it in my head for a year now, but I still can't decide whether or not I want it to run on candle wax or pure testosterone. I have a lot of both. A LOT.

Oh, buy a candle. I need the $$$ to fund my research and development.

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