Thursday, April 10, 2008

Bawls Energy Drink

So I got an email saying that Diet Coke isn't a manly drink. Sure, I'll admit that Diet Coke isn't as manly as drinking pure gasoline from a half empty Manly Man Candle tin, but it certainly isn't girly. And besides, it sure does a nice job of keeping the cellulite from showing on my thighs! (That was sarcasm. My thighs look like they've been carved from pure granite. Seriously.)

Anyway, the email suggested that I take a look at the product pictured above, Bawls Energy Drink. Mmmmmm.....

Okay, I'm not sure the fine people at Bawls Energy Drink really thought this one through while naming their product. This is the perfect drink for you if you can look in a mirror and say, "Man, I sure could go for a stiff drink of Bawls right now!"

Game over. I'll stick with Diet Coke, thanks.

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dark1 said...

I've never said, "Man, I sure could go for a stiff drink of Bawls right now!" However, I'm not ashamed to admit that I have, at times, verbally expressed a desire for a drink. The expression I use is: "I could go for a can of Bawls." In fact, that's what I'm drinking as I type this, the caffeine coursing though my veins, having no noticeable affect. Why do I drink it, then? ... let me get back to you on that. ;)