Thursday, April 3, 2008

Watching TV With Women

Desperate Housewives. Grey's Anatomy. The Biggest Loser. Wife Swap. American Idol. Sigh...

There was a time when these shows were almost unknown to me. Sure, I'd seen the commercials for them while I was watching something manly, but I didn't know all of crap I know now. Let me enlighten you: There was a tornado in Desperate Housewives, McDreamy and McSteamy and McAlex are saving lives and seducing women in Grey's Anatomy, chunky people are running and sweating and getting weighed on The Biggest Loser and "Muffy" from the upper west side of Manhattan has been swapped with "LeQuisha" from South Central Los Angeles, and guess what, they're not getting along with their new families.

See, I used to be the classic ESPN guy. Sportscenter seven times a day? Yep. Oh, and yes, I know it's the same show just being repeated over and over, and no, I don't care. Motorcycle racing on TV? Boom, I'm there. Trucks on SpikeTV? Turn it up. Lumberjacks cutting stuff up with 454 cubic inch nitro-fueled chainsaws? TURN IT UP.

Well, I still get to watch some of those manly shows when the wife's asleep. But if anybody needs to get an update on what happened on Dancing with the Stars just drop me a line.

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