Thursday, April 24, 2008


So I drove my lovely young wife into work this morning so I could get some work done on the car. Normally I'm so manly that I'll just do the work myself, but let's face it- It's cold out and I'm lazy.

So, $110 dollars later the car is full of gas, fresh oil, new filters, vacuumed, shaved, showered and gift-wrapped. This reminds me of a conversation that I had with my family last night. We were driving around the gravel roads where I grew up, seeing the sights, when I mentioned that I would always drive over this big hill and hit the gas to speed down the other side. My wife then said that I shouldn't say things like that with our daughter in the car, because she'll be driving by herself soon and we want her to be careful.

I suggested that girls (and women) simply don't have the same idiotic tendencies that boys (and full grown men) do. Why is that? Is testosterone the drug that makes us all think we're stuntmen? And why is blowing stuff up so cool? And why does Motorhead rock so hard?

Anyway, I doubt you'd see a girl in the picture above. They're a little too... smart for that.

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