Friday, April 25, 2008

More random pictures!

A few more images from the hard drive... Lucky you!

This guy has great facial hair, obviously. Any facial hair that requires support struts to be attached to your hat is great hair. The great part is his CHEST HAIR. Good Lord this guy is manly.

I've had a few dreams like this. This refrigerator is so awesome that it hurts my soul to look at it. In other news, I had a Moose Drool last night, and it was great.

I find this amusing, but remember, there's no humor in traffic accidents. Unless it's a comedian running into a tiny car filled with clowns. Then it's hysterical.

So cool.

Okay, I'm trying to convince my dad to help me make one of these.
Or four of them to put on his Volkswagen Bug.

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