Wednesday, April 2, 2008

The Company Slogan

Coke was "The Real Thing". Apple had "Think Different". Microsoft's is "Bend Over".

A company's slogan is of paramount importance to its success! We've been hard at work coming up with a slogan that conveys the true spirit of the Manly Man Candle Company.
Please choose your favorite, or come up with your own in the comments! Keep it relatively clean, Cletus, I have family who reads this. Namely my Southern Baptist wife...

1. More effective than the Spanish Fly.

2. Now 100% Y2K compliant.

3. A burning scentsation no pill can cure.

4. For external use only.

5. No, we won't make a fart scented candle. Stop asking.

6. Our gasoline scented candles keep exploding!

7. If you don't like these candles, you don't like America.

8. More fun than a barrel full of rabid, bloody monkeys.

9. Now 99% Plutonium free!

10. These candles rock and roll all night, and party ev-er-y day.

Are any of you manly enough to come up with your own slogan? Bring it, Sally!

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