Sunday, October 19, 2008

Pictures I've been saving

Once again I find myself unable to sleep, so I've decided it's time to clean up my computer a bit. Pretty much the only place I'm organized is on the computer- I have stuff all over, but my hard drive is a virtual showcase of logical organization. Strange, I suppose, but I doubt I'm the only one like that.

Here are three images that turned up tonight and made me chuckle. If you don't find them amusing try staying up for a long time until you're really, really tired, then look at them again.

I created (well, modified) this image myself for a Photoshop contest a couple of years ago. It used to have a submarine on the display, but I changed it into a chili dog. Not my best work, but it made me laugh tonight.

I didn't make this image, but it's awesome. It would be even more awesome if cats had their own racing league. CATCAR, maybe.

Funny, yet true at the same time. Love it.

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