Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The car hunt continues

As you know, I've been on the prowl for a small, economical used car to drive back and forth to work. I decided to pass on the Geo Metro, mostly because I'm not that secure in my manhood, and I can't ever imagine being that confident.

I've driven two very different vehicles lately, and they both belong to one of my brothers. First is a very manly vehicle, a Dodge Ram V-10 3/4 ton pickup truck. The image below isn't the same truck, but it looks just like it:

My wife has to get a ladder and a trampoline to even get in this truck. I enjoy driving it, because like most guys I used to want to be a truck driver when I was little. It's awesome because you feel invincible driving it, and I can see why people would love this vehicle- Got some mud or a giant snow drift? This truck will go through it. Got a gigantic load to move? This truck will haul it. Got a trailer the size of Arkansas to pull? This truck will pull it. Got a gas station with too much gas? This truck will empty it.

Speaking of gasoline, here's a true story. I got in the truck one morning to go to work and the fuel gauge was in the red and the "I'm running low on gas, spend money" light was on. I pulled up to the gas station, put $25 worth of dinosaur juice in, and got back in. The gauge had moved up about .006 of an inch, and THE LOW FUEL LIGHT WAS STILL ON.

That's when I decided the Dodge Ram V-10 truck wasn't for me. So I am on to the next option, which I'll tell you about soon.

Stay tuned!

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