Thursday, October 30, 2008

Me and the giant naked woman

The title of this post pretty much guarantees that this will become the most popular topic on this blog. Clever, huh? I'm sneaky like that.

Yes, that is a picture of me with a giant cinderblock woman. I was on a motorcycle ride to the middle of nowhere when I found her, and I just had to take a picture. Thank heavens for cameras with self timers!

I'll give the first person to tell me where this giant woman is located 50% off there next order. Email me or post the answer in the comments to claim your prize.

Good luck!


Mrs Spumoni YNP said...

Rhyolite, Nevada....I've been hoping to get in on a sale; the Manilla candles make up in great aroma what they lack in statuesque-ness.

This is one of several strange sculptures that have been erected in the ghost-town of Rhyolite, out in the middle of the desert. Some artists from Belgium built these in the 1990's, for unknown reasons. This statue is made of concrete blocks. and is about 2 stories tall. The statues stand as sentinels of the ghost-town.

Mrs Spumoni said...

Dear Manly Man -
What's my 50%-off code? You may tell me with great discretion:
Thanks for the chance to get some more ManlyMan candles.... maybe you'll want to celebrate by buying another motorcycle.
Mrs Spumoni

Anonymous said...

naked women? has mmcc become a porn site? please advise, as if it has i will visit more often!!!

Anonymous said...

I see the statue is a real blond.