Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Women in Science Fiction

As many of you know I'm something of a science fiction fan. I love to see people's visions for the future- Some writers envision a future where technology has taken care of our day to day needs (Roddenberry with Star Trek), some tell a cautionary tale where our own mechanical creations could evolve to the point of us losing control (Asimov in I, Robot) and some foresee a universe full of strange upright big-earred lizard-like creatures that speak with horrible Jamaican accents (thanks for ruining my childhood, George Lucas! You should have killed Jar-Jar in Episode III!)

The best part of science fiction is how women are portrayed. They're all incredible smart, perfectly thin, and scantily clad. There's a guy who has been collecting pictures of all of the Star Trek women for a while now, and he has over 80 of them now. Click to visit his page!

I'm getting to be a big fan of lists on this blog, so here's another one.

How to be a successful female science fiction character:

1. Have an unusual hair style. Buns are preferred but completely bald is acceptable, and somewhat sexy.

2. Be incredibly smart, whether you're the ship's doctor, communications officer, or a planetary senator, but always use your raw sex appeal to get you and your friends out of trouble.

3. Wear tight, tight clothing. You should, no matter your age or job title, have the body of a supermodel and be willing to show it off.

4. You must fall in love with either the captain or the bad boy, no matter how much older or less attractive they are than you.

There you go. Four steps to becoming a great female science fiction character. Oh, there's one more- You must love Manly Man Candles!

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