Friday, May 9, 2008

So apparently I'm the only one...

Who thinks the old Bonneville is awesome. Well, I have one brother who thinks it's cool too, but my wife and daughter are less than impressed. I guess it has to go.

Which is sad. However, I've found some possible replacements for it on the net.

1. The Russian Ural Motorcycle with Sidecar. Yep, they still make them in Russia, and they're imported to the U.S. for our pleasure. Three wheel drive, and you can get them with a machine gun mount!

Forget your CJs, your TJs, your Wranglers, this is the only true Jeep. Doors? Nope. Side windows? Nope. Shovel? Yep.

This is the UniMog. Enough said. I think my daughter would like to dropped off in this, don't you?

An ultralight, amphibious helicopter. I can't imagine anything more dangerous.

The XR650R. The King of Baja. The object of my desire. If anybody wants to trade their XR650R for a semi-cherry 1974 Bonneville, let me know.

So, there you go. Some possible replacements for the Bonnie.


Bruce said...

Get the Ural.

I have an 06 Gear Up (yeah, the one with the machine gun mount) 2WD sidecar.

It is the best toy I have ever owned and I have a slew of them.

Your wife, kids and dog will love you forever, there is nothing more fun than riding in a sidecar!

The Manly Man said...

I'm jealous! I want to get the sidecar just so I can a set of "doggles", goggles for my dog. Then I would be the coolest guy on the planet!