Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Role Models

Many years ago Charles Barkley told the world that he wasn't a role model. This is probably the smartest thing that Charles Barkley has ever said. I do enjoy his commercials for whatever cell phone company he shills for, though, just as I enjoy his weight gain over the years.

So, if our children can't look to Sir Charles as a role model, who can they look to? The obvious choice would be their parents, of course, but years of teaching has shown me that they are very often not "inspirational" enough. I, unsurprisingly, have a few suggestions for who our children should look to.

1. Me. As a Captain of Industry, I keep America moving. You're welcome.

2. Dogs. Most dogs are loyal, friendly, patient and kind. Good examples for us all.

You know what? That's actually enough. Problem solved.

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