Thursday, June 12, 2008

Worldwide Gas Prices

Gas prices, of course, have been skyrocketing lately. Wow, big news, right? That's why I'm here. I want to tell you things you already know. Tune in tomorrow for some more breaking news- People in Spain speak Spanish!

I found this interesting graph yesterday while searching the web for the latest candle technology trends. It's interesting, because while we Americans mostly think about ourselves, the rest of the world is also suffering with high gas prices. Check out Germany! They can drive as fast as they want on the autobahn, but they also have to pay over $11.00 a gallon. Venezuela, on the other hand, only pays 12 cents a gallon, but they have to listen to Hugo Chavez talk about his hair styles for the rest of time.

I, however, have a plan. I'm just going to drive to Venezuela to fill up my car. It'll only cost me about $1.80 to fill up there, as opposed to the $59.40 here or $172.35 in Germany. Maybe I'll get a couple of gas cans and fill those up while I'm down there, and sell them to you poor suckers here!

Long story short, I'm gonna be rich. Filthy, smelly rich. Finally!

Oh, and buy a candle.

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