Friday, June 13, 2008

Manly Vacation Time

It's that time of year. Being married to a southern girl means that you stop cussing, start saying "what?" a lot, and once a year go to Gulf Shores for a vacation with her family.

And so later today I'll strap into a big aluminum tube and go blasting across the country on my way to the beach. I don't want to sound like I'm not excited, because I am. I am worried, though, because even though I am 6'3", 190 pounds, and have muscles like a Greek god, I hate prancing around in front of everyone showing off my manly physique. It's almost like bragging every time I take off my shirt, and I'm not a bragger.

Just because I can do 750 sit-ups while I munch down a glass of raw eggs... Just because I can do more pushups than any six bodybuilders... That doesn't mean that I want to show it all off. I'm not one to "show off", as you can probably tell.

So, next week I'll be fighting off the girls who simply can't resist what has been referred to as "The Ultimate Human Male Body Of All Time, Past, Present And Future". It won't be easy for me, so keep me in your thoughts.

Oh, and keep on ordering those candles. The shipping department is still at work, even though I'll be, as we've discussed, on the beach getting ogled by girls of all ages. It's not easy.

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dark1 said...

Oh, you'll be in my thoughts all right... You have nothing to do but hang out on the beach with family and friends, while I'm still stuck here in a cube trying to work my queue, dealing with some of the dumbest situations (and people) on the planet and reading corny blogs ;) The only comfort I draw from knowing I'm here and you guys are there is this: you guys have to deal with temperatures of a bajillion degrees and the humidity for a week and I don't. It's beautiful up here! Hope you guys have fun... :)