Sunday, June 15, 2008

Elvis has left the building

Elvis has left the building, and I was just in Elvis' old building- Graceland.

This is the first post from my vacation, and all I can say is "You're welcome." We got off the plane yesterday and drove straight to Graceland, Elvis' home in Memphis, Tennessee. I thought Graceland would be out in the country a bit, but it's really right in Memphis, surrounded by parasitic gift shops. Many things impressed me about his house, so it's time for a list!

Top ten cool things about Graceland:

10. Everybody writes their names and notes to Elvis on the brick fence that surrounds the area.

9. One word: Jumpsuits. There must have been 50 genuine Elvis jumpsuits on display. You could buy replicas, but they were about $2,000. You people need to buy more candles so I can look like Elvis!!!

8. You can't use a flash inside (don't want to fade the jumpsuits), so all of my pictures have a fuzzy stoned 70s appeal to them.

7. Cars! I saw Elvis' golf car, pink Cadillac, pink Jeep, go cart, motorcycles, and more. Loved it.

6. Awesome TV room with three TVs- Always on, always playing shows from the 70s.

5. The jungle room- The chairs and couches looked like monkeys. I am going to build a jungle room.

4. The shooting range and the racquetball court. So sweet.

3. The Hall of Gold. All of his gold and platinum records are on display. It goes on forever.

2. Elvis' and his parent's grave. He's buried right there at Graceland with his folks and his granny. Lots of people left teddy bears and other trinkets as a memorial.

1. The AWESOME painting you see above: I am going to have a painting of me just like this one someday.

Elvis bought Graceland for $100,000 when he was 22 years old. I wonder what getting super rich so young must have been like for him... I'm willing to learn, even though I'm not that young anymore. Buy a candle, and I'll let you know.

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