Tuesday, June 3, 2008

I have a Peppy Le Problem.

Manly Man Candle Company is based in Montana, where the deer and the antelope roam, where seldom is heard a discouraging word, where men are men and sheep are nervous. It's beautiful here, gorgeous mountains, pristine rivers and lakes, and lots of wildlife.

Ah, the wildlife. Deer, buffalo, elk, antelope, prairie dogs, wolves, mountain goats, wild Mountain Elephants, we've got it all, and it's all beautiful. We really are close to nature here.

Actually, I'm a little too close to nature right now. It seems that a skunk has decided that we would be great neighbors, and has moved in permanently. The cats seem to think this is great- I've caught them both eating at the same bowl like they were long lost cousins. The dogs, however, don't seem to understand skunk at all. Two cans of tomato juice later, they're beginning to understand.

Anyway, I somehow need to convince the skunk to move along. Any suggestions will be appreciated, as will donations of a black cat with a painted white stripe on its back- I've seen a lot of cartoons.

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dark1 said...

Get one of those fabled "mountain elephants" you spoke about to chase it off. It'd probably take out 1/2 your property running around but, you wouldn't have to bathe the dogs w/ the tomato sauce again. Until another skunk comes along, that is...