Thursday, August 21, 2008

Manly Man of the Week

Some are born to greatness, others have greatness thrust upon them. I'm a little of both. Sure, I try to lay low and just live a normal life, but the paparazzi keep following me. They're hiding in a wheat field across the gravel road from me right now, trying to snap a picture of me in a compromising position. Sure, my psychiatrist tells me that they're not there, and that they've never been there, but I'm pretty sure he's working for them. They're all out to get me.

But let's put my psychosis behind us for a minute. Yesterday was my daughter's first day of high school. I know what you're thinking- How could someone so young, powerful, sexy, and manly have a daughter old enough to be in high school? I got an early start- I was only 14 when she was born.

Yeah, that's it. 14.

Anyway, she came home last night and started telling us about her day, and guess what? After running a campaign of literally MINUTES she's now the freshman class president. I'm pretty sure she ran a campaign based on change, relaxed dress codes, and a Manly Man candle in every classroom.

Here's to you, my little dictator. You're the Manly Man of the Week.

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Anonymous said...

She is rockin the house big time.

Holy Moly, how darn hard was that at 14? I thought we started early at 20, and that was tough.wowsa