Friday, August 15, 2008

No more samples!

You might have noticed that something is missing from the Manly Man Candle Company website. More likely, though, you haven't, which is fine too.

I've taken the sample packs off the store. That's right, they're no longer for sale, which means that if you got one you now have a collector's item! Put it on eBay, make big money!

Why, you ask? One reason, really. Making a sample pack sucks. It takes a long, long time, and is really tedious and boring, much like dates with a girl I used to know.

But that's another story.


orabona_joseph said...

I want a smaple pack! You're telling me I missed it by 1 day? Hire some kid to help you make them. Kids are cheap, they'll work a full day for a 6 pack.

The Manly Man said...

I loved this comment soooooo much. Hiring kids to make sample packs and paying them in cheap beer is the PERFECT solution to many of my problems.

You, my new best friend Joeseph, are a mastermind, and I salute you.

dark1 said...

Are you saying that you pay the oompa loompas more than a 6 pack? I was under the impression they work for as little as the food your daughter puts in their bowls, which they then splatter all over the floor. I would like to see these oompa loompas in action... making candles, of course, but also spilling their food and water bowls. ;)