Wednesday, September 24, 2008

The naming of "Home Brew"

Now that it's almost time for the release of Home Brew, I think I'll give you a little "sneak peek" at the "behind the scenes" action of Manly Man Candle Company.

And no, ladies, that doesn't mean you can "peek" at my "behind".

I am becoming obsessed with quotation marks lately. I'll "try" to "stop".

One of the hardest things to do here at Manly Man Candle Company is to name the scent. See, each of these candles is like a child to me (don't tell my daughter), so all of the standard naming issues come into play. I have to think about many, many things before finally deciding on a name, such as:

1. Will the other candles make fun of this candle's name?

2. Will this candle's name be cute when it's small (4 ounce), yet strong when it's big (16 ounce)? Will the name cause any problems during those difficult "middle sizes" (8 ounce)?

3. Can this candle's name be easily mocked? You'll notice that Clean Laundry isn't called Clenis Laundry. That's for a reason. That's also why my next child won't be named Richard or Mulva. Yes, I've seen that episode of Seinfeld.

There are many more things that go through my mind, too, but that's a sampling. I also have hundreds of people suggest names for me too. Some of the suggestions include:

1. Kegger

2. Beer:30 (As in, what time is it? Beer:30.)

3. Barley Pop

4. Drunka Cola

Sure, those are good names too, but I think Home Brew sums up the scent the best- It's a dark beer smell, not really a domestic beer, but more of a hoppy specialty beer smell. It's great. I can't wait to hear what everyone thinks.


david said...

When will the Home Brew candles be ready to ship?

Jill Ann said...

Hey, I always heard that men like the smell of their own flatulence. How about a "fart" candle?

No luck on the 30 posts for September... better luck in October.

the girl Riot™ said...

i really love the idea of these candles, i definitely prefer these sorts of smells.

i was wondering when you might be making a "garage" smell? as in car carage... i love that smell.

also, i love the smell of home depot. by a lot. hot-burn cut wood, metal, and dirt. heh.

and yes, i'm dead serious.

cheers to your awesome idea!

david said...

We stopped at Home Depot today, and as we were leaving, I had a similar idea -- a "hardware store" scent. Lumber, metal, paint, etc.