Monday, September 22, 2008

How not to sound manly

Just to clarify: The guy in the dress is NOT me. It's after Labor Day, and I wouldn't be caught dead in white.

I got the idea for this post from something that happened at work. See, a motorcycle shop is a GREAT place to get ideas for a manly blog, and today a co-worker gave me an idea for this topic- How NOT to sound manly.

My co-worker, who I would consider a friend (at least, I did consider him a friend, before this came out of his mouth), said, "I don't like snowmobiles, because I'm thin and I get cold really easy."

Sigh. That's just not manly. Here's what he should have said- "I don't like snowmobiles, because they're too slow, and the snow really lessens the chances for a major injury. That's why I only race 300 horsepower unicycles over tracks of broken glass while I have my hair on fire."

Instead, though, at least once a day someone will ask him if he's "chilly" and needs a blanket and a cup of cocoa.

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