Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Forklift failure

Wanna see something amazing? Watch the video above before reading more.

Did you watch it? Crazy, huh? Did you notice the forklift driver abandon ship and run for his life? I didn't notice that until about five viewings.

I know exactly what the driver was thinking. I got this. I got this. I got this. *bump* RUNNNNN!!!!!

I wonder who had to clean it up. Personally, I think that the driver should get an award, because if that whole thing came down with one little bump, then they're lucky it didn't come down when some kid tried to climb up on it. At least this way nobody was hurt, and it makes an ABSOLUTELY AWESOME MANLY VIDEO.


Val said...

Holy $*%#....LOL!!

Michele said...

I suppose they didn't get an OSHA award THAT year--LOL

Adam said...

actually, it was very stupid of him to jump ship like that. industrial machines are designed to be roll cages, and that lift looks like it weighs about 3 tons, so its pretty solid. in safety classes they tell you to ride it out, instead of leaving the protective cage of the machine, especially in cases of rollover or driving off dockplates.