Sunday, February 1, 2009

Manly Man of the Week

I usually try to stay away from writing about politics- It's never good business to alienate half of your customers, and I think there are more than enough places on the web where you can read about politics if you want to. Today, though, I'm going to make an exception, and make President Barack Obama the Manly Man of the Week.

By the way, if any politician is reading this, I need to talk to you about my "Manly Man Candle Bailout Program" idea. I promise I won't buy a $50 million jet with my bailout money, and I won't ask for more after I get my initial 3 billion dollars.

I suggest that you check out the White House Website, too. Amazing stuff on there.

1 comment:

Obummer said...

I'm withholding Manly status on this one til I see how he handles the 'no smokes in fed bldgs' thing. Suppose he can get a waiver for Medicinal Tobacco? Hate to see the hand on the red button in need of nicotine...