Thursday, February 5, 2009

Gas prices, part two

Look, I know that gas is WAY cheaper than it was a year ago, and that's all well and good, but here in Montana it has gone up 30 cents in the past three weeks, while the price of crude oil has continued to go down.

Who can tell me why this is? Yep, that's right, because they can.

So I've decided if the gas and oil companies can decide to rip people off when the weather warms up so can I. Starting today I have raised the prices of small candles to $598.99, medium candles to $923.99, and large candles will now set you back $28,699.99.

Oh, wait, no I'm not. Because I don't suck, unlike gas companies.


Michele said...

And here I was just going to buy a candle for my co-worker for Valentines Day... but now I sadly can't afford one with the new price increase. Maybe I shouldn't have filled the gas tank first? LOL p.s. I'm still gonna get a candle, but I am trying to figure out which scent he would like.

The Manly Man said...

You can't figure out which scent he would like? That's really not too big of a problem- Just get one of each!

Oh, and you're welcome for the free problem solving!