Monday, December 1, 2008

Great Christmas trees

As reported earlier, my wife put up our Christmas tree tonight, and we lit two Wild Alaska Manly Candles to fill the rooms with an awesome fresh pine scent and hide the fact that our tree is faker than Pam Anderson's... Well, Pam Anderson's everything, really.

I suggest you and your family try this trick, the scent is incredible. IT WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE. Well, probably not, but if you buy enough of them, it will CHANGE MY LIFE, and that's really what's important to me.

Speaking of trees, I did a little searching and found this great page filled with unusual (and somewhat manly) Christmas trees.

With no further ado:

Look closely. This tree is made from Mountain Dew cans. Diabetics beware!

Here's a cool version of Charlie Brown's tree. I'm a sucker for this one for some reason.

A tree made from green beer bottles. Sweet. I hope they don't have small children or easily excitable pets in the house, because this falling would be a tragedy of FEMA-sized proportions.

There are a few more on this site. Enjoy!

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