Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Human nature

I was looking through some old pictures the other day when I came across a bunch of great snapshots from a trip I took to Laguna Seca. I went there to see the U.S. Grand Prix MotoGP race, and it was AWESOME. The race itself was incredible, but one of the best parts was just watching the people.

Now, I don't condone treating women like objects, but at the MotoGP race they have a bunch of "umbrella girls" walking around advertising various motorcycle related products. These girls will sometimes wear skimpy outfits to garner more male attention, which, again, is a practice I don't believe in.

Let me show you some of the pictures I took of them to prove how much I don't believe in this. Here's an example:

In case you were wondering, the guy with the beard and the white shirt is NOT an umbrella girl. Men just love having their picture taken with these girls for some reason. Now, in this next picture:

You'll notice that the men are happy to see umbrella girls. But I want to talk about human nature for a minute here. See, the interesting part of being at the race wasn't looking at the girls (really, I swear!), it was watching how the guys interacted with the girls. Or, as in my case, didn't interact. I kind of like being a fly on the wall at events like this.

Not like this guy:

See how he got right in the middle of all the girls, no shirt on, and wraps his arms around them? Confident. Manly. A little arrogant, even, but some girls like that. This is one example of male behavior.

Now look at this guy:This guy is with the same group of girls, but look at his arms. If this guy could actually detach his arms and have the camera guy hold them for this picture he would. He's clearly scared to death to touch the girls, and I've got to think they find it cute and endearing. Heck, I found it cute and endearing!

Me? If I'm truly honest with myself I would say I'm a lot more like the shy guy than the shirtless guy, but I have my alpha dog moments too, don't get me wrong.

To sum up: Some people are aggressive, some are passive, some are boisterous, some are shy, and one thing is absolutely certain- They ALL love manly candles.

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Is that where you met your wife?