Friday, January 30, 2009

No weird food cravings

Men who have lived with pregnant women all deserve medals know that they can be crazy are truly performing miracles, and appreciate their hard work. I tell my wife at least once a day how much I respect her for carrying our child, and I also tell her that I'm jealous and wish that I could carry him for a while and experience the miracle myself.

That's a lie and we both know it, but she smiles politely.

You know how television shows usually have pregnant women craving weird things like pickles and ice cream? Well, I like pickles, and I'm more than happy to enjoy some ice cream, so one of the things I was looking forward to most was indulging in delicious foods for nine months.

How well has that worked out for me? Not well at all.

What has she craved? Nothing. Guess what's happened... She's gotten food aversions. That's right, there are no foods she craves, only foods that she no longer likes.

Tacos? Can't eat them. Macaroni and cheese? Can't stand the sight. Energy bars? Nope. So, instead of me gorging myself on ice cream and junk food, I get to eat healthy foods, and that's a complete rip off.

Yes, I'm whining, but here's the point: I will trade anyone a small Manly Man Candle for a taco. Email me for details, but please hurry- I could really use a taco.


Michele said...

Sorry, But I can't leave work to get you that taco! That's bsad for me because we could use a Manly Man candle here in the shop to disguse the chemical odors (which is in itself a manly smell, but not one the public really likes).
As for cravings? For my first child I craved green grapes. Do you know how hard it is to find green grapes in January? For my second, I craved Hot Tamamlies. Yep, those little red hot cinnamon candies.
Maybe you should take a lunch break from work and go through the Taco Bell, Taco Treat, Taco John's, or other taco place's drive through....
Now I am craving tacos!! yummmm!

Michele said...

OK, that was Hot Tamalies! Fingers got confused there--

Taco Rocco said...

Manly Hot Tamales: Tamanlies! Way to stick with the theme.